Our Offerings

Our collective experience working both inside and outside organizations has led to an array of specialized offerings.

While we acknowledge proven methods, we believe effective leadership is predictive, proactive, and precise. This belief enables us to approach diverse problems with fresh insight. Our aim is not to work ahead of our partners, but alongside them, to create innovative and tailored solutions built from the latest research, relevant scenarios, trending issues, and creative approaches.

We are selective and intentional – new partners lead to new experiences. Our experience spans a wide range of industries, functional areas, and offerings. We have compiled a list of some of our favorites below.

  • Specialties
    • Training & Professional Development
    • Leadership Development
    • Branding & Communications
    • Sales & Marketing Strategy
    • Corporate Strategy
    • Coaching & Team Alignment
    • Performance Consulting
    • Mobeus Practice
  • Industries
    • Pharmaceutical & Biotech
    • Healthcare
    • Financial Services
    • Information Technology
    • Hospitality & Travel
    • Real Estate & Commercial Development
  • Functional Areas
    • Senior Leadership
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Training
    • Operations
    • Compliance & Legal
    • Medical Affairs
    • Market Access
    • Market Research
    • Human Resources
    • Technology

Training & Professional

We believe training and professional development should be an ongoing process for all employees. Our programs position professional development as a continuous discussion, not something that happens once or twice a year during employee reviews.

By aligning with our partners’ organizational values and goals, we ensure that ongoing professional development is a tangible, actionable, and measurable activity.

We meet people where they are. Our training and professional development programs help individuals develop the competencies necessary for success. Our workshop offerings include agility and change management, emotional intelligence, influence and persuasion, and much more.

Leadership Development

Performance River offers a broad range of comprehensive development programs designed for a variety of roles. We provide services and solutions to develop current managers by improving their leadership skills in their current roles. We specialize in equipping individual contributors to move into managerial roles, and seasoned managers to advance into senior levels within organizations.

We work together with our partners to create customized programs to identify, select, train and develop current employees into future leaders. Our workshop offerings include leading through uncertain times, leading without authority, team alignment and collaboration, and more.

“No person ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and they're not the same person.”

Branding & Communications

Our Creative Team works alongside our partners to understand their branding and communications challenges and help them to think differently. Leaders who deliver successful branding and communications best reflect their company’s values, vision, mission, and goals.

Performance River uses a variety of tools and resources to bring programs and initiatives to life. Our work blends the best of art and science. We design unique branding and communication campaigns for our partners and deliver them in a variety of digital and print formats.

We design and create global brand identities and help craft communications that move people. This creative energy extends into every detail of our programs and helps shape the experiences we create at unique locations and venues around the world.

  • Corporate Strategy

    What worked yesterday won’t necessarily work tomorrow. We recognize every company is different and each requires a unique strategy to accomplish its goals. We help our partners craft, implement, and refine their strategic plans, while equipping leaders and managers to execute and coach with consistency and precision.

    Strategy affects an organization at every level. We work with our partners to ensure that their strategic plans align and adjust with the needs of their organizations and its people – both today and tomorrow.

    The solutions we create enable organizations to achieve current and future success, and provide our partners with the tools and resources required to execute, measure and reinforce their plans. Our deliverables focus on how organizations can deploy people and resources better, position products and services differently, and streamline operations and processes more effectively.

    We would be delighted to talk to you about what’s worked well and what could be better where you are. Contact us to start the conversation.

  • Coaching & Team Alignment

    Performance River has extensive experience and resources to help our partners coach, mentor, and lead at every level. We evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of their coaching, conduct formal and informal assessments, and ask a variety of questions to help individuals and teams perform better.

    • Are team members in the best possible roles for maximizing their strengths and the success of the organization?
    • Are team members self-aware, confident, and capable to operate within the roles they have been given?
    • Is leadership capable of identifying, developing, and retaining its highest performers?
    • Are individuals and teams committed to continuous improvement in achieving goals and objectives?

    We also help leaders and managers to become better coaches. There are many leaders who wake up dreaming about ways that people and teams can reach their full potential. But some leaders struggle to coach others in a way where this actually happens. Our work around coaching and team alignment is often delivered in conjunction with some of our key offerings in this area, and includes dedicated programs, workshops, and resources on the topics of courageous coaching, effective communications and collaboration, emotional intelligence, and social styles.

  • Performance Consulting

    Some of the most lucrative companies and industries refer to people as “cogs in a wheel” or “seats on a bus.” At Performance River, we believe people are so much more than that. We share a common philosophy with our partners – that ultimately, people are the backbone of everything we do.

    Performance consulting is about helping people perform better. It is about efficiency and effectiveness starting at the individual level. In a sense, everything we do is performance consulting. Helping people move from where they are to where they want to be is our passion, and we partner with companies and individuals to help them advance with clarity and efficiency, eliminating wasted time and effort.

    We are constantly evaluating and refining our own approach to tackle the issues, challenges, and barriers companies are facing today. We do so by continuously looking ahead, to what will be relevant and applicable tomorrow, next year, three years from now…

  • Sales & Marketing Strategy

    We have walked in your shoes. Our team is equipped to help our partners evaluate and define the way their sales and marketing strategy reflects the priorities, goals and direction of their organizations. We have the knowledge and experience required to develop, launch and pull-through sales and marketing initiatives.

    We also help our partners in sales and marketing roles effectively communicate their value proposition to the customers they serve. If you would like to learn more about our experience perfecting sales and marketing strategies, and how we can help you, please contact us.

  • Mobeus Practice

    Performance River, through its newly formed Mobeus Practice, is proud to be a reseller and integrator of the Mobeus Airglass product.

    Airglass is the first product from Mobeus, a video and audio communications tool intended to enhance virtual meetings by using transparent computing—a user-centric computing paradigm in which the hardware and software are separated in different places—to convert desktop software into a transparent, glass-like layer, giving the user the impression that they are looking beyond the display screen.  All without any external hardware.

    Contact us to learn more about Airglass, and how it can transform your company’s communications into the next generation of interactive and transparent computing.