Developing an A roster of leaders in your organization takes time, commitment and vision. It’s the most worthwhile investment you can make, and is therefore best left to proven techniques – not trial and error. Our Reveal™ assessment tool was tested with over 5,000 individuals. The data and feedback it provides are designed to provide a clear path for professional development and maximize an individual’s leadership effectiveness.

Reveal combines the wizened perspective of a league of senior executives with modern insights into leadership theory. It is standardized to reveal a battery of quantitative and qualitative insights into leaders that facilitates confident decision-making and actionable plans.

With Reveal, you’ll have the benefit of the most advanced assessment methodology supporting your candidate selections and directing the development of your future leaders. Your intuition and the stated achievements of the candidate can only scratch the surface of the information Reveal provides. Highlights include:

  • Their Mission - motivations and interests that excite an individual to action
  • True Competency - abilities and aptitudes that enable action
  • Unique Style - personality and behaviors that make the individual

Reveal helps you understand the big picture, including the ideal setting and conditions where a candidate is most likely to succeed. Unlike other corporate tools that only measure personality and competency, Reveal provides additional insights into:

  • Ideal Roles – an objective assessment of where a candidate should be
  • Keys to improved team interaction – practical and actionable tips to build on
  • Organizational cultural preferences – often overlooked but critically important