Globalization, technology, and ever-changing economic forces require leaders in the workplace today who develop a diverse repertoire of skills. Your organization’s future depends on the quality and availability of your future leaders. Will they be ready?

Our Leadership Development Programs help you make sure they’re prepared for the challenge. Our Leadership Development Programs are designed to help you institute a continual program for identifying, selecting and developing your future leaders.

The Emerging Manager Program

The Emerging Manager Program focuses on taking high-potential individual contributors and preparing them to become first-line managers.

The Emerging Director Program

The Emerging Director Program takes successful managers and prepares them for advanced leadership roles.

Our programs guide participants through the following four stages:

We identify your organization’s needs and your promising leaders with the goal of building a deep talent bench.

We work with participants to assess and measure core leadership skills and behaviors, create customized individual development plans and establish mentorships and peer networks to enhance learning and development.

We help participants execute their individual development plans, building critical skills that will prepare them to assume future leadership roles.

We provide intensive, cross-functional interactive experiences, simulations and final assessments to ensure candidates are ready to transition into new roles.

Our programs are the result of our experience as consultants, coaches, internal learning and development leaders within organizations, and actual participants of leadership development programs. Our background gives us a unique perspective of the best way to design and execute leadership programs using the ideal blend of:

  • Advanced leadership assessments
  • One-on-one coaching and feedback
  • Individualized development plans
  • Interactive workshops and learning simulations