We are all leaders – we influence, guide and direct others on a daily basis. However, most of us are not as effective in our leadership as we could be. The best leaders possess a high degree of self-awareness. They capitalize on their innate drive, talent and unique personal style in their personal and professional lives. Great leaders know who they are, where they are going, how to get there, and how to engage supportive followers.

Emerge is a unique assessment that helps every level of leader within your organization to deepen their understanding of themselves—their motivations, abilities, and personality. While most self-assessment tools expose only parts of an individual, Emerge reveals the whole person—their motivation, ability and personality. This leads to a wealth of insights, offering a deeper level of understanding of the person and the direction they should take.

Emerge provides insight into desirable roles and preferred organizational environments where the employee will thrive as a leader. This important information empowers people to choose and sustain professional and personal endeavors that lead to personal satisfaction and long-term success.

Emerge benefits entire organizations.

  • Imagine everyone in your organization working to their strengths. Emerge provides leaders at all levels with the information they need to identify the roles in which they are most likely to succeed.
  • Improve productivity by guiding your leaders to capitalize on their strengths. This will typically lead to a deeper connection between the employee and the company, which can inspire and motivate an individual to be more productive.
  • Reduce the high cost of employee turnover by ensuring your people are in jobs they love. Emerge is designed to clarify the requisites of one’s ideal job, environment and work style.
  • Spare your organization from costly hiring mistakes. Emerge helps companies hire right the first time by providing an honest assessment of whether the candidate is appropriate for the position.
  • Help your teams work better together by facilitating greater understanding of individual preferences, strengths, working styles and weaknesses among team members.
  • Experience a return on assessments. Emerge comes with a practical, actionable follow-up plan, which is critical for an assessment tool to have a positive impact.